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  • Madeleine Roberts


unplug while traveling

In our age of touch screens, waterproof speakers, and Instagram Live videos everything gets caught in-between or on a form of technology. Camping trips are documented by well organized video clips and polaroids, world class skiiers hit the slopes with body cameras, and even safari vehicles come with attachments for video recorders. I admittedly prefer to not go out on my trips without a GoPro attached to my head or car. The technology age has prodvided easy access to stay connected and document everything we do with our lives, as well as encounter the journeys of others. We are able to watch professional divers swim down to the bottom of the Blue Hole in Belize, and video ourselves flipping off of a rope swing into a river. In our saturated availability of media, we can find inspiration and smiles, and people running after their cherished dreams. It’s captivating, and difficult to not be a part of.

Yet I wonder what it would be like to watch my friend jump off rocks into a lake with my real eyes, not through the waterproof screen I’m recording him through. To see it raw, and share the excitement of that moment, feel the splash hit my face and then clap as he resurfaces. Or when my brother would score a goal, how fun would it be to jump up and down shouting my excitement for him, instead of ensuring I got the right angled shot so we could see the ball on the film.

Being unplugged suspends you in that exact moment, bare as it is. Whatever passes, you can experience its raw form and not transform it into something it’s not. Creating friendships and family bonds, promoting creativity and opening up space for pure solitude, making the perfectly roasted s’more, winning a bruise or cut - there are so many aspects of life lying within the moments that we have saturated with capturing and sharing. Instead, use your eyes and feelings to capture the story, and readily share it with your voice.

The Kijaro team wants to encourage you to unplug, unwind, and journey through the moments. Take pleasure in how times roll by, and enjoy them as they come to you.

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Photos and words by Madeleine Roberts | @raddiemoberts

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