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  • Madeleine Roberts

7 Best Snacks for on the Go!

Whether we hit the trail or the fields everyday, our lives are packed with activity. I know that I don’t like to spend my money at a fast food drive in, especially when the majority of meals will leave me feeling sluggish and tired instantly after. We need energy to face the rest of the day, and quality food is the best place to get that.

So if you’re going on the 5 mile hike, a kid’s baseball practice, or have meetings stacked back to back, make sure you treat your body right and provide valuable energy.

Take a look at our 7 favorite snacks on the go.

1. FruitEasy, right?

Don’t overlook a simple apple or banana, or a couple of cuties! Pineapple is my favorite fruit, especially when it’s freshly cut. Most fruit contains natural sugar, which your body will directly turn into energy to finish the rest of your day. Plus, they are easy to grab and store.

2. Your favorite nut mix

Or maybe even grab the trail mix with chocolate chips in them. Nuts contain a quality source of protein, which is an important building block for your body, and it also keeps your stomach satisfied.

3. Cliff bars, Larabars, Kind bars, granola bars…

Go to your local grocer and meander down the cereal isle. On the other side, or near this isle, there should be walls of granola bars. Fiber, protein, organic - there’s too many types to count. Pick one that primarily has a lot of protein to keep you satisfied, but also that sounds yummy. My favorite are the Apple Pie Larabars, because they are made from only 6 ingredients, all of them either fruit or nuts. Simple, delicious, and fulfilling.

4. Carrots and avocado dip

Veggies are vital, and sometimes hard to remember. I’ve started picking up the to-go cups of avocado dip, which is just avocado and nothing more. Baby carrots in a little bag, and I’m ready. My mom likes to say avocado’s are like butter without the guilt, and who am I to disagree? Spice it up and use rice chips, just as easily manageable.

5. ALL of the cheese

Ring your inner child, and eat some string cheese. Pair with some whole grain crackers and a handful of nuts, and it’s like a portable cheese platter! Dairy, whole grain, and protein for a rounded easy snack.

6. Hard-Boiled Egg

Maybe you like them straight out of the shell, or sliced with pepper, or mashed with avocado. No matter how you eat it, hard boiled eggs each have 6 grams of protein in them, and are also low calorie. Plus, there’s hardly a bad way to pair them.

7. Chocolate Milk

Already wanting one? Me too. Chocolate milk is perfect to fill that sugar craving while filling you up with 8 grams of protein. If there are kids around, you’ll probably have to give up a couple of sips if you don’t bring them one too! Chocolate milk would also be an awesome drink to give your kids after they finish their soccer, baseball, or basketball game.

Always make sure to drink water throughout the day and stay hydrated, this will also keep you ready to tackle your day. Hopefully you found a snack you’re ready to grab and go with!

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