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  • Madeleine Roberts

Grand Tetons - Kijaro Journey Tour

Paddle boarding at the Grand Tetons

The Kijaro Journey Tour took us and our products to places we’d only seen in pictures. One of those places was Jackson, Wyoming, and our breath was instantly taken away.

We spent time downtown, getting to know a few locals who were kind enough to share some secrets of the best campsites. We met old friends from Colorado who were, ironically, doing the same thing we were, and looking for those great local campsites. We camped under the stars, in alpine meadows, and woke up to the sun shining on the Grand Tetons. We met local business owners in Idaho, right over the mountain pass that crosses the Tetons and the state line. We talked about Kijaro, and how we were so happy that we were giving it, and our followers and the people we met, an opportunity to spread to foreign landscapes like the Tetons, a mountain range so different from the ones we had been to before.

Our favorite night was the one where we and our Coloradan friends took the local’s advice and headed to a campsite that looked over Jackson, seated nicely in the valley, with the Tetons looming over them. We brought out our Dual Lock chairs, and didn’t even bother to set up camp yet, we just wanted to admire the sunset over the mountains. We spent a lot of time taking pictures; how can you not want to capture that beauty? After a while, we set the cameras down and just enjoyed the moment of company and golden light.

The sun set, and the chill of the mountain altitude began to set in. We started a fire, grabbed our Kubies, and nestled in. We were joined by new local friends who lived in Jackson. After the excitement of the day ended, we set up our complete systems and drifted into sleep amongst our friends, new and old, and the mountains.

We woke up, packed up, stared in awe at the mountains again, and headed back down into town to grab some bagels from a local bakery (also a tip from a local Jacksonian, thank you!).

We went back to Idaho to hop in an old 3-seater plane that would take us above the Teton Mountain Range for an in-depth look at these mountains. The Grand Teton, Mount Owen, Teewinot, Mount Moran - we were at eye level with these peaks, soaring in the sky with them, speaking through our headsets about their beauty. Every moment that the Kijaro Team spent in Wyoming was filled with that same magic.

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Photos and words by Madeleine Roberts | @raddiemoberts

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