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Camping With Kijaro

Whether you're an extreme outdoors person or your're a weekend warrior, Kijaro has everything you need to make camping fun, comfortable, sustainable, and durable.

Today, we are focusing on our Kijaro Native line. It is constructed of Repreve polyester, raw aluminum and other low impact recycled waste materials, that way we can keep our packing light while saving a few water bottles from a landfill.


The Kijaro Native Ultralight Cot

This cot is built with sustainability in mind. The fabric of this lightweight cot is made out of 100% recycled Repreve® polyester. This polyester is made by processing recycled plastic bottles into small chips that are then transformed into recycled fiber, then into fabric. This fabric is then transformed into a variety of products including the is lightweight camping cot.

The Kijaro patch on this cot is made of vegan leather, and the frame is constructed of 7075 aircraft raw aluminum. Not only does the raw aluminum have a sustainablity element to it, this factor also makes the cot lightweight, making the whole cot weigh less than 5 pounds. It includes a carry bag for easy portability and is perfect for your next camping, RV, or Glamping adventure.


The Kijaro Native Low Profile Director's Chair

The perfect chair for camping. Why? Because it's lightweight, compact, and super comfortable. The trim and armrests of this chair are made of vegan leather. The frame is raw aluminum which is corrosion resistant and hasn’t been treated with paints or nasty chemicals. The fabric is also made of Repreve® material.

This lightweight camping chair weighs less than 6 pounds and folds closed for easy portability and is great for your next outing. Get yours today!


The Kijaro Comfort Chair

Like our other Native products, this chair uses fabric made out of 100% recycled Repreve® polyester. The trim of this chair is made of vegan leather, and the frame is raw aluminum which is corrosion resistant and hasn’t been treated with paints or chemicals.

Fun fact: This chair is made up of 25 recycled bottles thanks to Repreve®.


The Kijaro Native Camp Quilt

For those nights around the campfire or adding an extra blanket to your camp set, this camp blanket is made with sustainability in mind with 100% recycled polyester fabric and fill. This ultralight camp blanket is water repellant and features a vegan leather patch.

The custom topography print and quilting pattern gives the Kijaro Native Camp Quilt a unique and fashionable appeal. This lightweight camping blanket weighs 1.3 pounds and includes a carry bag for easy portability.


The Kijaro Ultralight Hammock

Kijaro’s lightest hammock yet! It packs down to a small size, making it easy to fit into any bag for backpacking, camping, hiking, or biking. This ultralight single hammock weighs less than a tube of toothpaste. The aluminum toggle and soft shackle rope ends eliminate the need for bulky carabiners and make setting it up quick and easy. This hammock may be small and lightweight at only 6.8oz, but it has a weight capacity of 300 lb.

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