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  • Madeleine Roberts

Colors of the Wind

We need to sing with all the voices of the mountains,

We need to paint with all the colors of the wind.”


The sun sets over Barcelona, Spain, showing all its colors.

I grew up rewinding Disney movie VCR’s as soon as they ended just to rewatch them. Classics on classics, I used to memorize every song of all the beloved musicals. Pocahontas was undoubtedly one of them, though as a kid I never dived into the lessons that movie, specifically the soundtrack, was offering.

Pocahontas solos in her famed ballad “Colors of the Wind.” Her song is a true tribute to Earth and all it encompasses beyond our human society. If you take a look at the lyrics, you’ll see her passion for nature and animals. Singing of bobcats, rivers, thunderstorms, mountains, and only ceasing her song for the movie to continue.

She teaches a valuable lesson to break free from the materialistic view, to not “wonder what things are worth.” She encourages us to be curious, humble, and kind - to have open eyes towards all you encounter, to see the beauty in the simple and common. To take a journey and be open towards the new, something we highly value at Kijaro. Pocahontas declares we need to paint with all the colors of the wind.

At Kijaro we choose our colors proudly, each one of them representing a different location around the globe. Maldives Blue is taken from the coastal islands of India. Classic Red Rock Canyon derives from the Mojave Desert, and the tropical Haleakala Sunrise Yellow is drawn from Maui, Hawaii. Every single product has a color that was specifically chosen to inspire you to take a journey and to get outside. Ionian turquoise, from the coastal waters of the Ionian Islands right off of Greece, is my favorite color. It draws my mind to summer and swimming, diving into the lake or beach, and embracing the fresh coolness of blue water.

We value the colors you can find all around the globe, and where their inspirations will take us. Whether or not you paint with all the colors of the wind, the beauty of them is undeniable.

So fellow-venturers, keep your eyes open for the rest of your journeys, and take a moment to appreciate the colors.

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Photos and words by Madeleine Roberts | @raddiemoberts

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