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  • Madeleine Roberts

'Tis the Season: Holiday Gift Guide

“Give the gift of nature.”


Hanging in the Red Rock Canyon Kijaro hammock and using the Utila straps under the evergreens.

The holiday season is right around the corner, which means the creativity of gift giving for loved ones is among us too. For me, gift giving can seem to get harder every year; what if they already have everything they want? What if they insist on no gift, but you’re set on surprising them? Or maybe there doesn’t seem to be a way to trump the gifts from last year.

If you’re searching for the perfect gift for an outdoor enthusiast, or someone who just likes to get out and have a snowball fight, or your friend who really likes to run and walk the dog, here’s a gift guide for this holiday season.

A planned out, all expenses paid trip

Stuck on a gift for your significant other, or maybe your best friend? Try to remember back to a place they mentioned wanting to go to. Maybe it’s a specific hike, or a camping site, or a ski resort, or a town or restaurant. It doesn’t have to be monumental or break the bank - it can be as simple as a day trip to a surrounding town with nice parks and views. Any place that you know this person would enjoy, consider taking the time to plan it out and surprise them with a card including any tickets or reservations. Book hotels, plan travel (car, plane, etc.) and if it involves the outdoors, make sure you take care of gear where applicable, i.e. skies, tent, backpacks, winter beanies and scarves for an evening stroll, etc.

For the Enthusiasts - survival kit

Swiss army and other multifunctional knives are a common gift, and often well loved. So if you’re really looking to spruce things up, go all out and create a “survival kit.” This could consist of a multifunctional Swiss Army style knife, a headlamp, flashlight, matches, flint and steel, a miniature first aid kit, extra batteries, a couple water bottles, and maybe some long lasting granola bars, like high-energy Clif bars. It doesn’t have to be huge, nor does it have to consist of everything you could imagine. Be creative, and apply their passions and where they spend their time to it. If they enjoy rock climbing, put some extra carabiners and maybe paracord in. If a fishermen, add some extra hooks and line. Maybe the bikers would be happy to see a spare tire and tube for when they get a flat. Specializing this kind of kit will show that you put thought and effort into the gift.

The kubie

If you haven’t seen it yet, Kijaro just released the versatile Kubie to fit all your adventure needs. If you’re unfamiliar with all 8 things the Kubie can do, check out this post for a full description, and then head to to look at the Kubie itself. It’s the perfect multifunctional gift that everyone will enjoy and use constantly. Don’t leave this off your list!

Using the Kubie as a ground cover to enjoy the mountain views.

Stocking stuffer? Wool socks and Headlamps

I know, who wants socks for Christmas? Any hiker, runner, or naturally cold-footed person would be grateful to see this as a gift. Wool keeps your toes warm, wicks moisture away, and doesn’t retain stink - the perfect combo for someone’s active feet. To fill the stockings even more, headlamps are always a good idea for runners or hikers. Black Diamond offers a wide variety of low and high tech headlamps perfect for a holiday gift.

For the yogis

If they love yoga, you could play your part and expand their yoga-drobe with a matching set of leggings and a top so they can look good while striking poses. Or, give them yoga shoes, a mat, and yoga blocks if they’re just looking to get started. Better yet, find a local yoga studio and purchase them a month subscription to start them off! There are plenty of ways to make your yogi friend happy.

For anyone and everyone - Hammock and Straps

At this point, we are all familiar and we all want a hammock, or maybe want another one…

They’re perfect to leave in the backyard, or pack in the car for when you’re feeling spontaneous. It’s the perfect gift for anyone - mom, dad, brother, sister, cousin, significant other, friend. There’s no way you could go wrong. has a multitude of colors that will fit whoever you’re thinking about. Go the extra mile, and get them the utila straps for ease of hanging. The no-knot system combined with 10 feet of strap makes them the perfect hanging kit for hammocks. Online, Kijaro offers the hammock bundle with your choice of hammock and a set of utila straps to make it even easier!

Kijaro single hammock in Ionian Turquoise.

Coffee lovers

All of us know a coffee lover, or maybe it’s you who makes a fresh cup the moment you wake up. Pick out your favorite coffee blend, or maybe one you’ve heard good things about, and gift it to a friend! Or you could pick out a method of making coffee, such as pour overs and gift an Aeropress for a new way to make coffee. Bean grinders are also always an essential part of a coffee set up. So pick a coffee accessory and blow your friend away!

It’s getting colder, the scarves and hats are coming out, and the gift giving is about to begin. We wish you all happy holidays, and remember to share with us your Kijaro gifts!

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