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  • Madeleine Roberts

Share your Journey

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”

~ Martin Buber

share your journey sunset

At Kijaro, we are passionate about joining you on your ventures and complimenting each of them. Wherever you take us, we want to hear about it! Introducing our repeating blog session, Share your Journey, where we interact with you and share your stories. Whether you’re a stay at home mom who frequents the t-ball field, a climber who likes to pump at the crag, a grandparent who enjoys watching their grandkids, or a college kid who eagerly awaits the weekend and its opportunities, we want to hear about your journey. Here is where we can communicate, share stories and advice, your go-to gear pieces or camp spots, and anything you’d like to share with your fellow life-do’ers. We’re excited to learn from you and grow with you as you take us along your journey.

Contact or share with us at:

Instagram: @kijarojourneyon

Twitter: @kijaro

Facebook: @kijaro.journeyon

Hashtags: #kijarojourneyon #kijaro

Photos and words by Madeleine Roberts | @raddiemoberts


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